Firaxis is taking Civilization to the stars

Announced yesterday, Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is a fully fledged game that tasks players to colonise an alien planet. It is set after “The Great Mistake”, an event hundreds of years into the future that makes Earth no longer inhabitable to humans. After fleeing the planet, players will get the opportunity to rebuild humanity in their own image, to either repeat the mistakes of the past or steer humanity in a new direction and thrive.

"Every time it’s a different story, a different imaginary tale about who humanity grew up to be over the next 5,000 years on this strange, alien planet. [It’s about] starting from a place of safety and taking a journey that’s both dangerous and invigorating into a strange new future and the revelation of wonder along the way. Friends and enemies start to take on a whole new meaning when your enemy has transformed itself into a robot. What does that mean for your civilization? How could you ever get along? That sort of thing: putting interesting decisions like that in front of the player, all the way through the game."

Like previous games, you’ll choose a nationality, but with a revamped title there comes new features to tweak the balance of your game. Your choice of spaceship, cargo, and inhabitants all have an effect of how your new civilisation will turn out, and your mind will have to open up to all the new possibilities that the future could bring with a new and more intertwined tech web.

In broad terms, there are three different affinities your people could follow. Will you choose the harmony affinity and adapt to your new world, choose the supremacy affinity and take control of both nature and your own humanity, or look towards the past with the purity affinity and try to rebuild the glory days? Whatever you choose, Beyond Earth is taking Civilization to a new era. Instead of following history, you will make it.

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is due for release in the autumn for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


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