The Second Auction for the Ultra-rare Sega Pluto Gets up to $15K, Reserve Still Not Met

A few weeks back, Destructoid reader kidvid666 (Roger Vega) discovered that he owned one of the two Sega Pluto consoles known to exist, the other having been revealed on Assembler a few days previous. Obviously he put it up for auction, as game collectors are some of the craziest people in existence, and will happily throw money at things with a slightly different colour, or in this case, an unreleased Sega Saturn with a Netlink built in.

But his auction on GameGavel failed to meet his reserve, with a final bid of $7600. Undeterred, he moved to eBay, where the price doubled to a recession-busting $15,500. But that still wasn’t enough for Vega, so the console stays with him for now.

The huge price tag may almost be acceptable if the console was in mint condition, but this one is anything but. The lid doesn’t even close properly. You’d have to weigh it down with something if you wanted to actually play anything on it, like a fist-sized diamond, or the remnants of your child’s college fund.

To be fair, the fact that this console was only discovered a few weeks ago means that there is no way to put a solid price on it, and the huge discrepancy in both auctions shows that no one really knows its true worth. There have certainly been bigger game bids laid down before.

The world of game collecting really is mind-blowing, guys.

Update: Hi Roger! Just been alerted to Vega’s Twitter, where it appears the highest bidder pulled out:

(I’ve, er, whited out more of the seller’s name as the original wasn’t exactly censored too well.)